Use cases that you will implement in this workshop

In this workshop we are going to focus on these main use cases:

  • East-West security, leveraging zero-trust security approach to implement safeguards within Kubernetes environment against malware and other malicious activities
  • Egress access controls, using DNS policy to access external resources by their fully qualified domain names (FQDN) to prevent unauthorized access to the application
  • Host micro-segmentation, leveraging Calico policies to protect host ports and host based services for a multi-tenant environment
  • Observability, exploring various logs and application level metrics collected by Calico through for live visualization of communication between different components in Kubernetes environment.
  • Security alerts, leveraging Calico global alerting framework to notify security and operations teams of any security incidents or anomalous behaviors.
  • Dynamic packet capture, collecting full payload of the flows on demand for further forensic analysis.
  • Compliance, providing proof of security compliance to meet organizational regulatory requirements