Join EKS cluster to Calico Cloud

Join EKS cluster to Calico Cloud

In order to complete this module, you must sign up for a free Calico Cloud trial account.

Steps to join cluster

Make sure to get your Calico Cloud trial account before proceeding.

  1. Join EKS cluster to Calico Cloud management plane.

    join EKS cluster

    Use Calico Cloud install script provided in the Connect Cluster wizard.

    # script would look similar to this
    curl | bash

    Joining the cluster to Calico Cloud can take a few minutes. Wait for the installation script to finish before you proceed to the next step.

    The script will produce output similar to this:

    [INFO] Checking for installed CNI Plugin
    [INFO] Deploying CRDs and Tigera Operator
    [INFO] Creating Tigera Pull Secret
    [INFO] Tigera Operator is Available
    [INFO] Adding Installation CR for Enterprise install
    [WAIT] Tigera calico is Progressing
    [INFO] Tigera Calico is Available
    [INFO] Deploying Tigera Prometheus Operator
    [INFO] Deploying APIServer CRs for Managed Cluster
    [INFO] Deploying LogCollector CRs for Managed Cluster
    [INFO] Tigera Apiserver is Available
    [INFO] Generate New Cluster Registration Manifest
    [INFO] Creating connection
    [INFO] All Tigera Components are Available
    [INFO] Securing Install
    Install Successful
    Your Connected Cluster Name is  xxxxxxxx-management-managed-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-gr7-us-east-1-eks-amazonaws-com

    Note the management plane URL and any credentials that you see in the output as we will use them in the following modules.

  2. Configure log aggregation and flush intervals.

    kubectl patch felixconfiguration.p default -p '{"spec":{"flowLogsFlushInterval":"10s"}}'
    kubectl patch felixconfiguration.p default -p '{"spec":{"dnsLogsFlushInterval":"10s"}}'
    kubectl patch felixconfiguration.p default -p '{"spec":{"flowLogsFileAggregationKindForAllowed":1}}'
  3. Enable Felix component Policy Sync API.

    Felix is one of Calico components that is responsible for configuring routes, ACLs, and anything else required on the host to provide desired connectivity for the endpoints on that host.

    kubectl patch felixconfiguration default --type='merge' -p '{"spec":{"policySyncPathPrefix":"/var/run/nodeagent"}}'

You have now completed all the steps necessary to implement the workshop use cases using your Cloud9 workspace.